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"Breathe Easy"

WaleTale Vacuum Attachment

  • Winner of Popular Science Best of What's New 2010

  • Dust Control; Simply turn on the wet dry vacuum and snap the Wale-Tale on the bucket and you're ready to mix.

  • Cut down on clean up time.

  • Greatly reduce silica dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets.

  • The WaleTale will not allow dust to escape the top of the bucket.

  • The device clips onto the rim of 5, 3 1/2 or 1 gallon bucket and in companion with a shop vac and HEPA filter allows the tile setter to safely and conveniently mix indoors.

  • WaleTale is the first tool engineered for the tile setter to address the negative effects of the inhalation of free crystalline silica in the work environment.

  • Lets face it. Mixing mortars and grouts in buckets is the worst aspect of tile setting. We all know how bad the dust is to breath. Costly dustless mortars are availabe but they don’t completely eliminate the dust. Save your lungs, try a WaleTale.

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